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We’re trying something new here at Here I Why You’re Wrong.  Since Kurtis was busy with life this week, Blake and James toyed with a different type of episode.  While Blake and Kurtis chatted about Jessica Jones, Blake and James got into the nitty gritty of a few new movie trailers that premiered recently.  This week’s ep is getting in depth with the latest Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer.  Mythos are examined, actors are praised, and Blake brandishes his Boston Batman impression.  Check it!




The latest and “greatest” episode has dropped!  For this week’s topic the guys get into what flavor they would have everything taste like.  It makes more sense spoken rather than typed.

In addition to the topic the guys fine tune an old west brewery brand, Blake reveals his evil scheme, Kurtis takes a stand on the best kind of pizza, and James ONCE AGAIN brings it back to Fantastic Four.  It’s a looser episode so enjoy!

It’s another great episode of Here is Why You’re Wrong!  The guys talk about board games and who they would play the games with.  Blake does a horrible Ghandi impression, Kurtis imparts “knowledge” about Mount Rushmore and James picks the best game for Helen Keller.  The guys all spend a weird amount of time yelling about Bob Ross and Pictionary.  Check it out!!