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We’re getting presidential this week as the guys discuss which U.S. President they would want to meet while they were in office.  While they all get noble with their responses Blake mostly wants to screw around with history.  Kurtis would give Clinton advice while James gets educational by visiting presidents no one remembers.  Plus a slew of Nixon impressions!  We look forward to your vote for this episode!


The latest episode has arrived!  The guys all choose which television series they would be a regular on.  Blake and James agree on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Kurtis wants to be where everyone knows your name.  Gilligan’s Island and cannibalism, fixing The Flash, and teasers for an upcoming episode, plus beer clinking!  Check it out!!

Check it out fans, a new episode!  The guys get into what kind of restaurant they would open.  Blake coins a new term for food love, James says pate de fois gras 1,000 times, and Kurtis’ cat will be the getaway driver.  All this and more in the episode!!

Joe Sign ep 18



The Here Is Why You’re Wrong crew discuss a new topic!  They go all American Gods and contemplate which God of modern life they would want to be.  Blake tells more about his personal life than he intended, Kurtis explains the difference between something being good and something people like, and James nails how the modern Titans would work for the geeky gods.  Check it and enjoy!


It’s another Trailer Talk folks!  James and Blake make do without Kurtis by chatting about the latest trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows.  Blake is excited about Bebop and Rocksteady, James gives the ONLY compliment one can give to the first Micheal Bay produced TMNT, and they both delve into Marvel comics, but it’s still on topic!  Listen and enjoy!




The latest ep is here people!  This time the guy delve into what they would replace their hands with if they tragically lost their hands.  They talk lightsabers with lassos, Niki Minaj as Rita Repulsa, and science is supposedly “checked”.  As always the correct answer is “Boomstick and chainsaw!”  Check it!

It’s finally happened!  The guys of Here is Why You’re Wrong have dove headlong into talking about Marvel characters.  Highlights include Blake killing the conversation with Stilt Man, Kurtis is blown away by the latest Venom, and James fixes the Fantastic Four movies.  Excelsior true believers!!


Ok listeners, you don’t have to wait any more!  There’s an episode that finally gets into Godzilla and spoiler alerts and charitable destruction is mentioned.  Check the episode here, or Soundcloud, and yell at us on Twitter!!

Muppets plus Appalachian Trail equals fun!

Muppets plus Appalachian Trail equals fun!

In this week’s episode the guys discuss which Muppet they would take with them on the Appalachian Trail.  The discussion covers The Muppets, Fraggles, and pretty much anything Jim Henson and his company has created.  Blake throws a lot of impressions out there with not much success while James explains how he’ll use the trail to become a Jedi.  Plus Kurtis wins the argument sooner than you’d think.

Gatorade baths!  Bear meals!  A cat shows up and more!  Tune in and enjoy!!


As you know, there is no new episode of Here Is Why You’re Wrong because life is apparently hard to schedule around.  As a half-assed apology we at the podcast would like to share some ideas for episode themes we’ve been working on.  We’re very excited about most of these, and terrified by all of them.


Fight Club Edition
Blake pitches a scenario then James and Kurtis debate head to head style.  The twist on every episode is that no one is ever correct.

Would You Rather?
Everyone picks between several terrible choices.  They argue over who wins the argument but the only winner is the argument.  Understand?  Good, because we don’t.

Cool Ranch Edition
Same as the normal version of an episode, but with a different flavor of salt dust.

Ig-pay Atin-Lay D-dition-Ay
The whole episode is in Pig Latin.  It’s not a good idea, but you can’t tell us what to do!

Apple Edition
It’s just as good as a regular episode, but costs way more and you get the satisfaction of being part of a company that really isn’t that special.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Edition
We do a few regular episodes, then a tent-pole podcast that sets up seven more episodes then we spiral into using every single podcast to set up the next podcast’s podcast.

Film Reboot Edition
We do an episode fine, everyone is happy, then we reboot the show and change everything for no good reason.  You hear me Fox?  Stop ruining Fantastic Four!!

SNL Edition
Despite being on the air for DECADES everyone complains about every episode and claims the last year was better.

Ninja Edition
The episode happens, but you never see or hear it.  Because it’s a NINJA.  This podcast is a master of all forms of combat and stealth.