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We’re getting presidential this week as the guys discuss which U.S. President they would want to meet while they were in office.  While they all get noble with their responses Blake mostly wants to screw around with history.  Kurtis would give Clinton advice while James gets educational by visiting presidents no one remembers.  Plus a slew of Nixon impressions!  We look forward to your vote for this episode!

Get hype, the latest episode of Here Is Why You’re Wrong has dropped!  A week late but worth the wait, the guys discuss the better apocalypse, Mad Max or Zombie?  Kurtis details his zombie plan and Blake frantically spits out Fury Road quotes.  James is also there.  Witness!  Braiiiinnnsss…


The latest episode has arrived!  The guys all choose which television series they would be a regular on.  Blake and James agree on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Kurtis wants to be where everyone knows your name.  Gilligan’s Island and cannibalism, fixing The Flash, and teasers for an upcoming episode, plus beer clinking!  Check it out!!

Strap on your holy crap belts because it’s a fresh episode about movie remakes at Here is Why You’re Wrong!  James goes on a really good rant about remaking the Star Wars prequel while Blake gets more into why The Spirit comic is racist.  Also Kurtis rakes George Lucas over the HIWYW coals!  Enjoy the madness.

Check it out fans, a new episode!  The guys get into what kind of restaurant they would open.  Blake coins a new term for food love, James says pate de fois gras 1,000 times, and Kurtis’ cat will be the getaway driver.  All this and more in the episode!!

Joe Sign ep 18



The Here Is Why You’re Wrong crew discuss a new topic!  They go all American Gods and contemplate which God of modern life they would want to be.  Blake tells more about his personal life than he intended, Kurtis explains the difference between something being good and something people like, and James nails how the modern Titans would work for the geeky gods.  Check it and enjoy!


Hello loyal listeners.  Are you ready for the “newest” episode of Here Is Why You’re Wrong?  We say “newest” because this episode is a re-try after Blake’s laptop died halfway through the previous recording of the topic.  Listen closely and you’ll hear faint echoes of the previous episode’s Box Ghost!

Credit to Danny Phantom


It’s another Trailer Talk folks!  James and Blake make do without Kurtis by chatting about the latest trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows.  Blake is excited about Bebop and Rocksteady, James gives the ONLY compliment one can give to the first Micheal Bay produced TMNT, and they both delve into Marvel comics, but it’s still on topic!  Listen and enjoy!




We’re trying something new here at Here I Why You’re Wrong.  Since Kurtis was busy with life this week, Blake and James toyed with a different type of episode.  While Blake and Kurtis chatted about Jessica Jones, Blake and James got into the nitty gritty of a few new movie trailers that premiered recently.  This week’s ep is getting in depth with the latest Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer.  Mythos are examined, actors are praised, and Blake brandishes his Boston Batman impression.  Check it!




It’s a slightly different take on the podcast this week!  It’s just Blake and Kurtis and the forgo the question of the week and delve into why they loved the new Marvel Netflix series Jessica Jones.

The guys give their take on why the themes worked, what characters they loved, and what surprised them about the show.  As an extra heads up they do discuss the entire season so if you haven’t watched Jessica Jones yet and want to go in fresh this ep is packed with spoilers!


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