Thank you for stumbling onto this little rock of ours in our tiny corner of the internet.  Here Is Why You’re Wrong is a podcast where co-hosts Blake, Kurtis, and James take bizarre hypothetical scenarios (If you had to pick one Muppet to hike the Appalachian Trail with you, who would you pick?) and discuss their choices.  They frequently get off topic but somehow make that work to their advantage.

Blake hatched this crazy idea after years of wanting to start a podcast but wasn’t sure what the topic should be.  Once he figured that out he had to figure out who would be great on the show.  In come Kurtis and James!

Kurtis brings a near encyclopedic knowledge of theater tech, brewing beer, and Marvel comics (especially Silver Surfer).
James brings a wide swath of knowledge ranging from history, DC comics, and he explains the bits, which is a bit in itself.

The podcast drops on Mondays (unless life gets in the way) and can be found on the site, Soundcloud, or iTunes.

If you have any questions about the podcast or the guys, feel free to tweet the crew @HIWYW or check the Facebook page “Here Is Why You’re Wrong Podcast”.  Hope you enjoy!